VESTA can provide 100% Automated Logic validation on a wide range of Safety Instrumented Systems.

✅ Site Version of Application
✅ No Application Modification Required
✅ OEM Logic Solver Target
✅ Automated I/O Conditioning
✅ 100% Automated Logic Validation
✅ 100% Automated C&E Verification
✅ 10 Years Proven in use technology
✅ T2 Offline Support Tool (as per IEC61508)

Systems include;

Rockwell Automation ControlLogix system and Trusted Safety Instrument System.

ABB Safeguard 400, ABB800xA HI and Plantguard Safety Instrument Systems.

HIMA HIMax and HIMatrix Safety Instrument Systems.

Emerson DeltaV SIS SLS1508 and DeltaV SIS CSLS Safety Instrument Systems.

Schneider Electric Tricon Safety Instrument System.

And a large range of additional PLC systems, utilising the VESTA OPC Driver and Kepware.