Cause and Effect Relationship Software

A full lifecycle Cause and Effect management tool for Safety Instrument Systems.


From initial design, CERES can be utilised to create Cause and Effect databases, produce Cause and Effect drawings, query and interrogate C&E databases, produce red line mark-ups and link to VESTA for full system testing.

  • Cause & Effect design
  • Cause & Effect querying
  • Version control & comparison
  • Export of data to PSMS test tools


CERES Design


CERES Design allows the design and modification of the Cause and Effect Database.

Using CERES Design, users can construct, destruct and modify system inputs, system outputs, Cause and Effect relationships, system information and system notes.

The information contained within CERES Design is the master information held by the CERES database.

When a modification is implemented, the pre-modification database is archived, allowing for a full system history to be achieved.


Ceres View
CERES View produces Cause and Effect drawings based on information contained within the CERES database.

The Cause and Effects drawings are created based on user specified templates which allow the Cause & Effect drawings to meet end user document specifications.

The CERES Cause and Effect drawings allow for:

  • Input / Output Grouping & Segregation.
  • Display of Voting Inputs, including ANDing, MooN etc.
  • Revision History details.
  • External Document Referencing.
  • Including Excel/PDF Export.



CERES Insight
CERES Insight provides users with a quick and easy access method to obtain relevant Cause and Effect information.

Using the query fields users can enter search criteria to display system and Cause & Effect information relevant to the queried inputs and outputs.

This information can be used to swiftly determine the relationships between input and output without the need to search manually through the Cause and Effects drawings.

The search parameters can be saved as CERES queries which can be loaded back to allow for quick access to common searches.

The query results can be exported to CSV files allowing for reporting and user specific applications.


CERES Versions

CERES Versions allows for revision comparison between two revisions of the CERES database.

This allows for pre and post modification validation highlighting any changes made between the versions.

CERES Versions can also be implemented to produce Red Line Mark Up drawings displaying these changed on the Cause and Effect drawing.


CERES Extract
CERES Extract can be employed to extract existing Cause and Effect databases, Cause and Effect drawing information and populate a new CERES Database.

Utilising a library of easy to use extractors CERES extract can be used on a large number of formats including Excel, Access DB, Paradox DB and SQL DB.

If a standard extractor cannot be deployed Process Safety Solutions can produce bespoke extractor tools to remove the need for manual transfer.



CERES Test is an export tool passing the CERES Cause and Effect information to VESTA and PALLAS for off and on site verification of the system Cause and Effects.

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