Verification and Test of Applications

An off-site conditioning and test tool for safety instrumented system applications.

VESTA is a package that allows testing of safety applications, running on a variety of target hardware. It simulates inputs (Causes) into the safety application, and then compares the expected outputs’ states (Effects) against actual Effects observed, and produces reports, based on the results of testing.

  • System Conditioning to ‘Healthy’ State
  • Full Cause and Effect testing of System logic
  • Verification of expected effects against causes
  • Detection of unexpected effects

I/O Conditioning

Once pointed to a target system application, VESTA identifies the inputs and outputs of the system and allows the condition of each signal to be declared.

VESTA automatically allocates set points to each analogue input and sets the normal state of each digital input and output.

This information can be manually adjusted if required to suit the systems I/O configuration.

Once confirmed, the information is used to normalise the system and to apply the appropriate Cause and Effect trips.

Cause and Effect Testing

Once Cause and Effect information has been declared, VESTA can perform the full Cause and Effect test automatically.

The test is performed as follows:

  • Conditioning of the system to a ‘healthy’ baseline state.
  • System resets are applied.
  • The first Cause & Effect input/vote is tripped. All the outputs are monitored. Output trips are displayed on the test matrix.
  • Input/vote is made ‘healthy’.
  • System resets are applied.
  • The second Cause & Effect input/vote is tripped…

The Cause & Effect test is executed for each defined input/input vote. Once the test has been completed, a Cause & Effect matrix view test report is produced:

The Cause & Effect Test Matrix displays the following results;

  Successful Trip – System logic matched defined Cause & Effects.

  Un-Successful Trip – Output did not trip when expected.

  Un-Expected Trip – Output did trip when not expected.

VESTA is capable of testing a number of user defined Cause & Effect logical functions, which can be defined within the CERES database or manually, including;

  • Direct Input – Output Test
  • Time Delay Trip Tests
  • ANDed Inputs
  • MooN Inputs
  • Analogue Differential Trips

After the Cause & Effect test is completed, VESTA produces a test report detailing any discrepancies between the defined Cause & Effects and the tested application logic. This report can be utilised as evidence of full Cause and Effect testing and can used in conjunction with factory acceptance documentation.

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